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Camping Equipment

All our equipped 4×4 vehicle ( Land Rover 110 Defender. Toyota Hilux Double Cab 4×4 and other 4x4s ) have as standard the following:

  • Two 2 person roof top tents – 1.4 meter wide
  • Fridge / Freezer ( smaller fridges, 40lt if you are two persons travelling and larger fridges, 55lt for groups of 4 persons )
  • Twin Battery System / Battery management system
  • 50l Extended Fuel Tank ( Land Rover has 110 litres and Toyotas 160 litres )
  • 50l Water Tank
  • Extensive Tool Box – You may not be able to use it, but in remote locations there are brilliant mechanics who does not have the tools to assist you ( includes quick set epoxy, Q20, oil, transmission oil, coolant)
  • GPS – Preloaded with maps ( Tracks4Africa ) of areas you will be visiting.
  • All required vehicle signs for the countries you will be travelling in ( SA Sticker, red on back and white in front )

We also provide camping equipment rental, this gives you the option to use your own 4×4 but hire our camping equipment

We have added:

Recovery Equipment

Fire Extinguisher ( as required by traffic laws )
Tyre pressure gage, tyre inflator, patch kit, spare valves, high lift jack and snatch strap ( with set of D shackles, tree protector and gloves ).
Spade, axe, jerry cans x 2 + funnel and battery jumper cables.
Emergency triangles ( 2 ) and emergency light sticks ( for additional warning sticks at night ).
If you are traversing Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique or further north in Africa a set of sand tracks is added.

First Aid Box

We have found that you have the greatest need for a first aid box when you are a good half day’s drive from the nearest doctor or pharmacy. We packed the following emergency items on a kitty basis (take when you need and replace when you are in a major town ). These are all over the counter medicines and can be bought at any pharmacy, Clicks Pharmacy or Dischem.

PLEASE NOTE: Items should only be used if the instructions are followed. Do not use expired or open items. We check the bags every 6 months and remove expired items. Brands stated here may differ due to availability.

Surgical gloves Band Aids x 10 Burnshield x 2 Lip Balm – Labello Med Lemon – Colds
CPR Mouth Piece Water purifying tablets Pain Tablets – Disprin Valoid Cough Syrup
Antiseptic – 100ml Imodium Deep Heat – Muscle pains Rehydration Sachets x 4 Eno
Emergency Blanket Anthisan – insect bites Eye Drops Swabs Safety Pins
SAM Splint Anti Bacterial ointment – Savlon Emergency Tooth Repair Kit Bandages Whistle and Mirror
Scissor Injection + Needles Insect Repellent Wet Wipes Logenzes – soar throat


Experience Enhancing Equipment

Map book of the area you are traveling through (GPS is only helpful till a point and to open a map book still has the allure of an adventure about to unfold).
Guide Books: Birds, Trees and Mammal identification for southern Africa.
Tourist guide book – to indicated points of interest and show historical facts of the area you find yourself in.

Camping Equipment – packed per category in storage boxes (they are marked)

Dish Cloth 1 Braai Fork 1 Forks 4
Dish Sponge / Scourer 1 Bread Board 1 Knives 4
Dishwashing Liquid 500ml 1 Bread Knife 1 Milk Jug 1
CROCKERY Can Opener 1 Sugar Bowl 1
Cereal Bowl 4 Cork Screw 1 Table Spoons 4
Coffee Cups 4 Dish Up Spoon 2 Tea Spoons 4
Dinner Plates 4 Salad Spoon Set 2 Cutlery Box 1
Serving Dishes 4 Egg Lifter 1 Salt & Pepper Set 1
Glasses 4 Meat Knife 1 EXTRAS
Wine Glasses 4 Vegetable Knife 1 Water Hose and Nozzle 1
BEDDING Measuring Jug 1 Padlocks 3
Pillow Cases 4 Wooden Spoon 1
Pillows 4 Tea Pot – Steel 1 CAMP
Pillow Protector 4 Pot – Small 1 Camping Table 1
Sheets – on request Pot – Medium 1 Camping Chair
Fold up
Sleeping Bags 4 Pan – Medium 1 Camping dust carpet 1
Towels 4 Water Bottle ( 2lt ) 1 Table Lamp – Rechargeable Battery 2
Blanket – 1 per tent 2 Lighter 1 Gas Bottle – 3kg 1
Plastic Rubbish Bags 10 Gas Plate 1

Additional Equipment

Please let us know if you require any additional equipment. We can assist with the following:
Extra Spare Wheels
Free standing 3 person tent
Extra bedding, blankets, sleeping bags etc

Click here to view our camping equipment rental service.

Additional Services

Accommodation Bookings – For all your accommodation needs

Mariska –

Guided 4×4 Expeditions – Great adventures, guided

Carel –

4×4 Fitment – All your 4×4 requirements for your own 4×4

Luan –

Driver / guide or camp assistant can be arranged.