6 Places to Visit in South Africa

The African continent has many charms and each one has its own special charm. That’s why we’ve separated six places to visit in South Africa that can’t be missing in your itinerary.

See 6 places to know in South Africa

There are plenty of places to visit in South Africa – from Johannesburg to Cape Town, the country is a sure-fire destination for a variety of experiences and out of the box.

You can find it there:

  • the continent’s most inspiring safaris;
  • ultra-luxurious lodges in the middle of the jungle;
  • historical heritage;
  • modern traits;
  • bacanérrima gastronomy;
  • great wines;
  • beaches;
  • scenic roads;
  • desert to fill the eyes

To give you a little taste of what you will find on the African continent, we have outlined some of the places that make the trip to South Africa so worthwhile!

South Africa: Johannesburg

African Curios and clothing hanging on the wall.

The capital of Gauteng province is the youngest and largest city in South Africa. It is one of the gateways to this incredible country.

Between Indian bazaars and African markets, it is there that you come across the history of Nelson Mandela and Apartheid, and the colorful region of Soweto.

Unique city, still has in the vicinity differentiated safaris as the Pilanesberg National Park, where you can see several animals in their natural habitat.

South Africa: Kruger National Park

Leopard (Panthera pardus) crossing road with tourists in jeep in background (Leopard

One of the places to visit in South Africa is the wildlife.

So, if you’re one of those who enjoys exploring the best of fate, the tip here is Kruger National Park, the crown jewel!

It’s the largest reserve on the African continent, where you’ll even find the “Big Five” – the big five animals, being lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros and buffalo.

South Africa: Kalahari Desert

Group of upset meerkats looking where the danger comes from.

In the region, the safari is special! Do not expect the traditional savannas, but a desert with rare fauna that includes the fun meerkats.

Experience the beauty of this fauna in the Tswalu Kalahari Reserve, South Africa’s largest private area and sustainable tourism experience. Prepare for safaris in tiny groups, with outings that can take place on foot, horseback or 4×4, at any time of the day and as the visitor wishes. Authentic is nickname!

South Africa: Pretoria

The Union Buildings and gardens in Pretoria, South Africa. This is where parliament is held in South Africa every six months alternatively with Cape Town. Tourists can be seen around Nelson Mandela statue in the centre.

Near Johannesburg, this is where the executive power of South Africa meets.

A quiet, flowery city full of 70,000 Jacarandas that bloom in springtime! Museums, theaters, ballads, stores, art galleries and an old farmers’ market make up its attractions.

Be sure to visit Ndebele, a tribe that lives in the region and colors its houses in a very unusual way. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in South Africa!

South Africa: Cape Town

Paragliding – Cape Town – South Africa

Cape Town is the legislative capital of South Africa, home to incredible natural landscapes and mouth-watering cuisine, as well as being modern and vibrant.

It also owns one of the most beautiful mountains in the world: Table Mountain. Not to mention the beautiful Cape of Good Hope, which has changed the history of the world!

This is because it was only after the Cape of Good Hope was circulated by Commander Bartolomeu Dias in 1488 that the road to the Indies was discovered and consequently America.

The city still offers entertainment options ranging from a boat ride in the Waterfront Bay to a djembê class on the busy Long Street sidewalk. Two Oceans Aquarium is also a great option for the whole family.

South Africa: Port Elizabeth

There are more than 40 km of beaches bathed by the Indian Ocean in this nice metropolis inhabited by an English colonization.

This is where the famous and scenic Garden Route is located – a road that crosses charming seaside resorts, such as Hermanus, and one of the tastiest wine regions on the planet.

Along 316 km of beautiful roads between Cape Town and Port, you will see nature reserves, safaris, museums, parks, good restaurants, stores and the famous wineries!