Best Unknown Attractions In South Africa

If you want the independence to explore the region and enjoy the best unknown attractions in South Africa, you might want to rent a good car because you will have to move around a lot in the region and it will be the best way to enjoy all the landscapes.

South Africa isn’t about the large cities, but rather the small towns and priceless pearls you find along the route, according to a seasoned traveler. There is a unique, lesser-known destination around every corner, from the Free State to the Western Cape and the Karoo, that will surpass your wildest expectations and revitalize your creative side without breaking the bank.

South Africans are spoiled with undiscovered sights and jewels, just a few of the towns and tourist destinations you should keep an eye out for when visiting that region.

Kgaswane Mountain Reserve

The Kgaswani Mountain Reserve should be on any list of places to visit if you’re seeking beautiful hiking. You’ll find sable antelopes, a species unique to South Africa, along the trails. These animals can often be seen grazing near the water holes.

The Kgaswani Mountains Reserve is also home to amazing rock formations and unusual plants that contrast with the rugged cliffs all around. On this reserve, you may spot caracal cats, black-eyed jackal dogs, and leopard lions. Join a guided tour so you know what to expect and how best to enjoy the park.


Rosendal, situated in the eastern part of the Free State province, is much more of a sanctuary than a place to visit. This small settlement, which has been around since 1901, is tucked away in the Maluti mountains. Tourists from all over the world are purchasing property and hoping that no one else discovers this little gem.

You can wander through the dusty streets, admire the cute boutiques and galleries, and meet some of South Africa’s most interesting characters in addition to enjoying the laid-back atmosphere and beautiful scenery. The Meerkatcolony, an exhibition space featuring work by Michele Nigrini and Dhal Hulme, is the area’s best-kept secret.


This little-known South African location, which has been called an “unsung gem” along the Garden Route coastline, is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience midway between the towns of Riversdale and Mossel Bay. Turn around at the graveyard if you feel a little strange.

Set against a mountain range, this graveyard has to be the most stunning on the continent. It’s liberating to feel such complete tranquility in this place. Ask the locals about their stories; they’ll take your breath away.


Klein-Pella is a short distance from the Pella mission post. This fantastic guest farm is situated halfway between Springbok and Pofadder. Discover tranquility in the deep Boesmanland and enjoy some delicious dates grown nearby. The farmer will take you up in his cherry picker and up among the date trees if you ask him nicely. Attention 4×4 enthusiasts: Pella is also a starting point for the legendary Namakwa 4×4 routes.


If you haven’t been to South Africa yet, now might be the perfect time to go. There are lots of amazing places to visit, from the Kruger National Park to Cape Town, and everything in between. And even though South Africa has its own language (Afrikaans), English is widely spoken here, which means that most tourists will have no problem communicating with locals. Plus, prices for travel around the country aren’t too bad either!

So pack your bags and head south!